Top Ten Favorite Villains



So, here’s a list of my top ten favorite villains from all kinds of geek media.  Feel free to chime in with your favorites!



beast_buds10. Locust of Gears of War.

When an entire race builds a complex civilization under your feet and you don’t know it, it’s scary shit. It’s even scarier that you aren’t prepared to fight them, the human race on the verge of extinction, and in order to survive are forced deploy a massive weapon that destroys not only some of the remaining populace, but your planet. Not to mention, they’re really ugly and look like the stuff of nightmares. The Locust open up my countdown as worthy villains, from a favorite game series.



9. Saito Hajime- Rurouni Kenshin

Saitou borderline good guy, bad guy- and depending on who’s side you’re on, he can totally be your protagonist. It just so happens Saitou is introduced in the series as the antagonist, and he snags a secure spot of 9 for being a Mibu Wolf that  I fangirl over (and hard). What’s not to like? He’s a swordsman bound by honor, and smokes cigarettes all sexy like. What makes him more likable (not in a rabid fangirl kind of way) is that his character is so grey- he does what he thinks is right for his country, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

How fangirls see Saito

How fangirls see Saito



But, he’ll murder you if he has to.

8.Phoenix Force – X Men



Another character (or should we say energy? However you want to classify it) that is in the grey area of what you would consider a good or bad guy. Regardless, when you try to blow up the universe and everything in it, people aren’t going to look at you kindly. Phoenix steals slot 6 because…how in the hell do you mess with something that is practically a god? It desires balance, regardless of personal reasons, or feeling- approaching everything as neutral or with apathy- makes Phoenix Force something to truly fear. Not to mention, the Phoenix Force always chooses interesting Hosts, that make for pretty pictures to look at (not necessarily great plot mover, though). Extra points that it chose Jean Grey, and made a relatively annoying character, into something severely bad ass.

ScarecrowArkham27. Scarecrow- Batman

I love villains who are able to trample on heroes, and not necessarily in a physical manner, and the Scarecrow was always pushing Batman to the point of mental instability. That’s a fucking powerhouse villain: I don’t need a finger to take you down, I’ll let true fear consume you; live in constant paranoia, live in your nightmares….Batman could always come back physically (Sorry Bane, honorable mention though) but when you break the Batman mentally, you break him entirely. Mind over matter.  Also, all of his character designs are always so beautifully horrifying.
PS: I feel the Joker is WAY over played. He’s actually one of my least favorite villains.


6. Amon- Legend of Korra

Equality never looked so scary.

A page was literally ripped out of the Gundam franchise for Amon’s character and works very well. I’m for justice, equality for all, and Amon’s message actually struck a chord with me while watching the series: everyone talked about Benders, but what about the regular folk? Are they no better because they can’t do fancy elemental tricks?


I have to hand Korra creators an award for this villain, it resonated with major-current day- issues, and really made audience members stop and think about equality amongst all citizens. Not to mention Amon’s back story was absolutely- terrifyingly- heart wrenching…You actually felt BAD for him. Amon had amazing depth to him, and his cool villain demeanor actually gave the all-powerful Avatar nightmares.

5. Cersi Lannister


I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE- if you watched Game of Thrones, on more than one occasion you have referred to Cersi as “THAT BITCH!!!”

Yes, she is not much different compared to Caitlyn: she’s a mom who is willing to go to any extent to protect her family, and her family honor. Yeah sure, Caitlyn pretty much started a war on assumption and circumstantial evidence- but Cersi is a god damn terror compared to the other moms in Game of Thrones. She knows how the play the game, she will achieve her goals, and keep her secrets, by ANY means. She’s cut throat, ruthless, and at times surprisingly vulnerable. Her character is severely complex, and controversial. You either love her, or hate her (or love to hate her)- and all in all, an amazing villain…Or is she a hero?

Depends on who you talk to.

bioshock-big-daddy-and-little-sister-wallpaper4. Big Daddy

That first time when a Big Daddy came onto my screen as I snuck around in Rapture, I had wanted to put down the controller and cry in the corner. You’re telling me, that I have to run from this guy the entire game? I have to fight him too? YOU’RE ASKING FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE- LOOK AT HIM, he’s absolutely terrifying. Every time there was hint of a Big Daddy- heavy steps, a far off drill- I would always run in the opposite direction to prolong the fateful encounter.



3. Chernabog (The big Devil Guy at the end of the movie)- Fantasia

Fantasia is one of my favorite movies, I will have that play on repeat all day if the mood strikes. When I was younger, I would break the VCR because I would rewind the movie over and over and over again, just to watch it. However, I never really stuck around for the ending sequence- Night on Bald Mountain- because I was terrified of Chernabog. Yeah, the big devil guy has a name. I would always go into the other room and let the sequenceChernabog_15 play out, or fast forward, so I didn’t have to watch Chernabog conduct a creepy midnight ghost party. Now that I’m older, I find that it’s one of my favorite sequences, and enjoy the ghosties and ghoulies, and give props to Chernabog for being master of the mayhem.


Close_up_of_otachi22. Kaiju

More specifically, the Pacific Rim Kaiju. I just love their designs, they are so intricate and full of dimension. I love how they replicate other animals, and have an arsenal of tricks to destroy Jaegers with. I mean, c’mon, spits out acid and then can FLY!? What else can it not do!? The fact that they resemble animals, but are amazingly exaggerated, makes the Kaiju fun to look at, and I find that I am always pausing the film to see what other details I missed since the last time I watched the movie. (which is often, Pacific Rim is one of my favorite movies) Additionally, I love how the Kaiju always come out the sea. The movie makes a point that when we think of an invading force, it’s from space, not out of the depths of our own planet. Therefore, makes it all the more terrifying; we know hardly NOTHING about the deep depths of the ocean…there really could Kaiju down there.



1. Professor Umbridge

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, huge does not even begin to describe it, and though Lord Voldemort was an excellent villain, he did not make me want to HATE him…the way I fucking HATE Professor Umbridge.

It started as an annoyance, that grew to a firey passion that can not- will not- be contained. I wantedto punch, claw, and beat Proffessor Umbridge an inch from her life. I have never felt such rage for a character before. Of all the outrages that happened in Deathly Hollows, Umbridge’s roles and her office, hit the closest for me. The personified everything that I hate about some people: racism and ruthlessly opportunistic.

With that said; God Damn, Rowling! You made the best villain ever.