Video Games that SHOULD be Movies


I know a while back I had posted a blog thought on video games that I hope to god are never going to be made into a film; this time around, this my list of games I think they SHOULD make into films(or at least have a fighting chance of being a decent movie).


Heavy Rain 20100211_heavyrain_020910_cover1

I know it’s been a while since anyone thought about Heavy Rain, the game has a few years on it, and its follow up sequel seems to have been shoved into the corner. However, I think Heavy Rain has an excellent story that could allow this video game to be made into a film adaptation. Unlike most video games, Heavy Rain doesn’t have the super duper fictional story, that makes it’s hard to translate into other media. Yes, it is a fictional piece of work, but one that provokes some of the most primal fears: loosing someone you love. Generally speaking, you can easily relate to the environment because its takes place in modern day society.Psychological video games are hard sellers, specially when your main character isn’t a gun totting muscle man, but it would make a great film!


gears-of-war1Gears of War

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Gears of War would make one hell of a summer block buster. The game was a simple ten hours, the story was good, but not too deep. You could easily fit the entire plot line, and all the highlight fights of the game, into two hours of movie time. Gears of War was definitely one of those franchises where its rich story telling came from all the other media tied to it (comics, books, ect) and not from the actual games themselves. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to see a Loctust chain sawed in half? Gears of War has the makings for a visual feast, and a basic (but interesting) story line, that would not be hard for audiences to follow or to translate into a script.


Heavenly Sword

Another game that barely hits the double digits hour in game play- but the story is on the sake token as Gears of War. The story is straight forward, the lore is rich but nothing super complicated, which helps with trying to educate your audience on the story. Heavenly Sword would definitely bring appealing visuals to the silver screen, and watching her fight would very entertaining. Also, it’s been a while since movie goers have seen a strong female lead carry a movie on her own. Sure, Black Widow is an awesome female pressence in the Avengers, but Marvel thinks she obviously can’t carry an entire film on her own. (I beg to differ, but I digress) Nariko is an interesting character, and she could totally hold her own for an entire film. Kai, her adorable side kick, would also be a bonus addition to the strong female cast. Someone make this into a movie, damnit. Heavenly-Sword


Call of Duty

Im just throwing this one out there because we have already seen a ton of military movies. A film adaption will have a hard time implanting the COD culture (which is really this game is all about),  but the story line is simple, yet intriguing enough. Not to mention, it would be pretty awesome to see gamer culture cameos.



I KNOW, I KNOW. It’s odd Im even suggesting this. Gnerally, I believe that games I adore should never be translated into the silver screen, because I am absolutely terrified of how Hollywwood would butcher it.  BUT, I think the first Bioshock film has a standing chance. The story is deceptively straight forward, and very thought provoking- I think the main stream audience would have enough brain cells to actually enjoy it (specially if people got Shutter Island and Inception). With the sudden interest in steampunk as well, the aesthetics of the film wouldn’t be very forgien to people. Now, this suggestion does not mean I think the entire Bioshock franchise should be made into films- no. Hollywood, please keep the hell away from Bioshock Infinite, as they story is so complex, and filled with political satire, that many people will never get it or interpret it the wrong way….Just the first Bioshock, would have a decent chance of being accepted as a decent film. However, I dont think we’ll ever see our hero take out the Little Sisters, but that first encouter (or choice) would make for pretty interesting scene.


The Last of Us

Look, people still like zombies, and it seems humanity has this obsession with it’s apocalyptic future. Last of Us hits both of these themes out of the park, putting a unique, and fresh, spin on it. Not to mention this story is absolutely heart wrenching. The story is deep, you’re invested in the characters, and even though you’re not plying the high suspenseful moments, they could make even better moments to WATCH. It could easily fit into a full length motion picture, and given the write script and director, its entirely possible to get the full effect of “RIGHT IN THE FEELS” that the video game was able to deliver.



I really enjoy the game. I just would like to see it in a movie theater, that’s all the reasoning I need. Besides my own biased opinion there are plenty of other reason why Trine could be a successful video game to movie adaption. The characters are fun, the environments are vibrant, and the story is really quite simple. I think it would make an excellent family movie, or child fantasy movie. The three main characters you have to play (Warrior, Wizard, Thief) all work together in order to make it to the end of the level or meet objectives. It would be a great set up to teach the value of team work to young ones….and how to be wizard who summons boxes.


Dead Space

I found the plot in the game extremely frustrating to follow. Gamers were too busy fighting for their lives to actually sit and invest in the story line, or actually take the time to digest it. I felt the story telling and it’s pacing was off while playing the game. The plot obviously was very complex, but the game play took away from that. I felt there was never enough time to actually comprehend what was being told to me; because just as something was revealed,  some zombie space tentacle decides to break through the wall. Maybe a movie, where they have more time to explain origins and situations, or put it in a simplified matter, will allow the audience to really appreciate the narratives…instead of worrying about reincarnated space zombies creeping around the corner. dead_space_logo_display

So that’s what I have- what do you Geeks think? What video games do you think should be made into movie?