Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale: Geektrum Review


            So hopefully everyone has seen the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead this past Sunday and if not, STOP READING NOW, SPOILERS!


Seriously: Spoilers! Turn around now if you don’t want it ruined!

  Now that’s out of the way, HOLY $#%!!! So much happened that episode it felt almost like the season three finale, which left us with high hopes for season four. Before I get into the episode itself, lets talk about how we got to the events of this past Sunday. At the end of season three we were left with Rick and the others taking in what was left of the Governor’s group as the Governor himself disappeared with two of his cronies, leaving us wondering what was going to happen next. What happened next was definitely a curve ball; I don’t think many saw a Black Plague like flu sweeping through the prison being the new threat that was hinted at over the break. What was great about this twist was it really highlighted how much modern medicine protects us, a simple flu and a few zombies basically decimated the groups high numbers in three episodes. We also got to see the group face a threat that they couldn’t use a bullet or sword to stop, which elevated the stress levels on everyone as we saw Rick having to give up his passive farming ways to help fix the problem (poor piggy’s) and Carol taking matter’s into her own hands to do what she thought was the right thing to do. Walking-Dead-Season-4-Banner There were so many choices and consequences that came out of that situation and it kept everyone on the edge of their seat as we saw anyone was likely to die next and it also gave a lot of newer characters time to develop on screen for us to know and like (or hate) them. I think one of the biggest moments of that story arc was (MAJOR SPOILER INCOMING!!) when Rick essentially banished Carol for killing two of the sick characters, which wasn’t totally out of the blue but still hard not to crazy over because there was a time Rick would of done the same thing. Now this whole time we almost forget that the Governor is still out there except for when Darryl and Michonne are talking about her looking for him. We only get our fist glimpse of him at the end of the fifth episode as he stares at Rick and Carl working in the garden. I think was the show did next was a real highlight for this season and that was taking the next two episode to show us what the Governor was doing since the season three finale. The first episode we see a Governor in shock not even willing to defend himself against an incoming walker and his two allies abandon him in the middle of the night. From there it seems he wanders around for the next few months running on instinct and bare essentials. He finally meets and befriends a small family and we can see life start coming back into his eyes. This is the first time we can sort of see what he was like before he became the Governor but that moment is short lived when he kills a walker that use to be part of the family in front of their little girl. After that he tries to leave and go back to his solitude but the family won’t let him and they all hit the road looking for a better place. Now I’m guess no one is really trying to a better that hard because they run into one of the Governor’s former allies who has established himself his own little camp and is in charge. From here we quickly see the old Governor coming back as he doesn’t take orders from anyone and certainly doesn’t share the throne either. By the end of the two episode flashback we’re caught up to the mid-season finale and the Governor is talking his new group into attacking Rick and the others for control of the prison. Ok, so like I said before the mid-season finale HOLY $%!@!!! The show actually came close to following the comic again. We were all wondering if we were going to see the Governor raid the prison with a tank and well we did! But not before a beloved character lost his head, in an attempt to intimidate Rick and the others to leave the prison The Governor threatens to kill a captured Herschel and Michonne. However, Rick doesn’t budge and (Spoiler!!) to everyone’s surprise the Governor uses Michonne’s sword to behead Herschel. From that moment on all Hell breaks loose as the tank and trucks go through the fences and the biggest firefight of the series takes walking-dead-season-4-premiere-episode-9places. I’m not going to go through a blow by blow but there are many excellent moments for characters to shine during this battle, by the end though Rick’s group is forced to abandon the prison as Rick and the Governor are beating each other to death. Another great moment this season will definitely be when Michonne saves Rick’s life by putting her sword through the Governor’s chest and leaves him to die. This is when the show starts to follow the comic again as it isn’t Michonne’s sword or Rick that ends the Governor but one of his own that resent him for talking the group into the madness they are in. Everyone from Rick’s group has essentially escaped even though it isn’t all together and Rick and Carl are the last to leave but with Baby Judith nowhere to be found. The mid-season finale was the epic conclusion of the prison that the comic was and fans of the comic and show are definitely going to be pleased with it and left wondering what is going to happen in February when the show returns. I know I can’t wait for it all ready.   Definitely the best episode of season so far.