What you can expect from Star Wars in 2015


OK Geek Nation Star Wars Episode VII will be out this December. So I thought I would find a list of everything you can expect from Disney and Lucas Film this year. There is something for everyone this year. From Books, TV, Comics and of course movies. So below is a list of everything you can expect month by month.star-wars-variant-luke-action-figures

For me I have to get the Darth Vader Comic in February, Go to Celebration in LA and see Episode VII about a hundred times. I am also really enjoying the Black Series they have had out for over the past year.

What have I enjoyed so far this year? The return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando in Star Wars Rebels, Marvel releasing Star Wars Skywalker Strikes and the new series of Star Wars Black figures that saw the release of Vader and Luke from ROTJ.


03 – Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook to be released.
03 – The Secret Jedi: The Adventures of Kanan Jarrus: Rebel Leader to be released.
10 – A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD to be released.
10 – Untitled Star Wars Rebels graphic novel to be released.
11 – Star Wars: Darth Vader 1 to be released.star-wars-darth-vader-1-alex-ross-674x1024
25 – Star Wars: Darth Vader 2 to be released.


03 – Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks to be released.
03 – Star Wars Art: A Poster Collection to be released.
03– Heir to the Jedi to be released.
10 – The Empire Strikes Back Read-Along Storybook and CD to be released.
17 – Ezra’s Duel with Danger to be released.
31 – Honor Among Thieves paperback to be published.
?? – Marvel Comics’ Princess Leia begins publication.


07 – Return of the Jedi Read-Along Storybook and CD to be released.
07 – Use the Force! to be released.
07 – William Shakespeare’s Forsooth, the Phantom Menace: Star Wars Part the First to be released.
07 – LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes to be released.
07 – Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Star Wars: Mighty Minifigures to be released.
07 – Fight the Empire to be released.
16-19 – Celebration Anaheim to be held in Anaheim, California.
21 – Lords of the Sith to be released.
28 – LEGO Star Wars: Vader’s Secret Missions to be released.
28 – The original trilogy to be released as Star Wars Epic Yarns: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back & 53690_star_wars_epic_yarn_esbReturn of the Jedi.
28 – Rescue from Jabba’s Palace to be released.
?? – Marvel Comics’ Kanan begins publication.


05 – Always Bet on Chopper to be released.
05 – LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded to be released.
05 – Ultimate Star Wars to be released.
26 – Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic Volume 1 to be released.


09 – Battle to the End to be released.
16 – Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Old Republic Volume 1 to be released.
18 – Dark Disciple to be released in the U.K.
23 – A New Hope Illustrated Novel to be released.


07 – LEGO Star Wars: Into Battle to be released.
07 – The Empire Strikes Back Illustrated Novel to be released.
07 – Book 3 of Servants of the Empire to be released.
07 – Dark Disciple to be released in the U.S.
07 – William Shakespeare’s Alack! Of the Clones: Star Wars Part the Second to be released.
28 – Star Wars Seasonal Storybook to be released.
28 – Jedi Academy 3 to be released.


04 – Kanan’s Jedi Training to be released.th
18 – Return of the Jedi Illustrated Novel to be released.
?? – Heroes of Lothal to be released.
?? – Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels: Secrets of the Rebels to be released.
?? – Star Wars Rebels: The Epic Battle: The Visual Guide to be released.


01 – Star Pilot to be reissued.
01 – The Story of Darth Vader to be reissued.
01 – Star Wars Storybook Collection to be released.
08 – Ships of the Galaxy to be released.
08 – William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge: Star Wars Part the Third to be released.


06 – Untitled Servants of the Empire book 4 to be released.


18 – Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens to be released by the Walt Disney Company.

What are your most anticipating and what have you enjoyed so far this year from Disney, Marvel and Lucas Film? Let us know in the comments below.

Article by:
Shane Holly (Obiwon2296)
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