Why is it Cool to Be a Geek?

cool geek

What’s going on Geeks?

I was sitting around the other night watching one of the many movie I watch a day (which is usually around 4!) and I started to think why is it that makes us Geeks and why is it now cool to be considered a Geek now and not back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Well that answer is all of us who were kids back then have all grown up and have raised kids of our own and have raised them to be our Padawans. We have also made being a Geek not only part of mainstream media but part of everyday life. Being a Geek is now more about unity than judging people for what they like and or what they love. We simply accept people and there Geekness or Fandom for who they are and we all celebrate it. With Conventions, Social Media, Ren Fairs and as simple as having a Party for the premier of your favorite TV show and Big Movie Release.

If you were to turn the clock back 20-30 years and look at what is mainstream today with Geeks it all started with the great Sci-Fi films and Animation from back then. With out films and shows like Star Wars, Transformers, Ikira, Robotech, Princess Mononoke and everything Hayao Miyazaki we wouldn’t have the Fandoms or great Anime and films we have today.

There is also the amazing amount of Technology as well as Video games which we all play and enjoy. From RPG’s to FPS’s and the many other genres out there. We have become what is the norm and to be anything else than a Geek just isn’t normal anymore. We as Fanboys and Fangirls are getting to the point of Dominating all Mainstream everything and we will never be stopped we will continue to grow in numbers. We will continue to rewrite history and become what this world has needed for a long time a Nation of Geeks, Nerds, Fanboys, Fangirls and overall an amazing group of individuals.

So continue to be who you are and make your cosplays and fan films, your music, video games, youtube video’s and keep following your hearts to what you love keep demanding amazing entertainment and originality. Keep up the good fight and stay Geeky my friends.

Thanks for reading my rant and until next time May The Force Be With You Always.