Nathan Fillion: The King of Conventions

2007 Sundance Film Festival - "Waitress" Portraits

As many of you already know, Nathan Fillion is one of the biggest GEEKS in Hollywood. He not only has a geek tree during Christmas, but has continually shown his love of being a geek in his works as an actor. On his show, Castle, he finds ways to get shout outs to his 30214Lfellow Firefly cast and crew. His latest shout out to Firefly was during his role as Hermes in last summer’s Percy Jackson sequel. He also is the Voice of Green Lantern and has voiced a number of Superheroes in many DC animated films. Nathan also is very active on Twitter chatting with his fans as well as sharing his geekyness with all of us.

Now, you may ask yourself: what does this have to do with Nathan Fillion being the convention KING? Well, if it weren’t for him being an actor and a geek,  he would never be at a convention. Here is why he is a god above everyone else: Fillion is always there for ALL his fans. From Firefly, Castle to Slither- he finds a way to take care of his fans with panels, signings at the Browncoats booth or even walking the show floor at a convention. He never turns away a fan even if he is in a hurry; and if he can’t stop to talk with you, he’ll hand you a card that simply says,

“Please accept my apologies. Comic Con is an amazing event, but it does place unique responsibilities on me. While I would relish the chance to stop for a photo, to sign something, or even just chat, my responsibilities lie with scheduled events organized to reach as many fans as possible who have waited patiently in line, sometimes for more than an hour! Instead, please find my autograph on the back of this card. Tell your friends we met and had a laugh- I’ll back you up.” nathanfillionfireflypanelcomiccon-nsaraj6w01x

Now this is why Nathan Fillion is the king of conventions. I haven’t had a chance to receive one of these wonderful cards because I have been one of the many that have waited an hour to meet the man himself. The conversations he has with his fans, even for a short of time, leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets.

So, here is to Nathan Fillion, and to seeing him at many more conventions to come!

What do you Geeks think? Do you have a story or two to share about meeting someone as equally as impressive as Nathan Fillion at a convention? If so share it with us.