Winter Anime 2014, Mid Season Recap.


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If you’re an anime watcher, you know that we’re already at the mid-season point for the Winter 2014 shows. Around mid-season viewers already know which shows they will be sticking with, dropping, or forming some very passionate opinions about. Below is our mid-season recap of the Winter 2014 anime!


We’re going to come out of the gates swinging!

Favorite Show of the Season:




Looking over the anime, you would think it’s pretty standard fair. Mystical boy meets normal girl who finds herself crossing the lines of reality…Been there, done that, seen it, read it, and everything in between. However, what makes Noragami a win for me is the characters and spin on divine beings (or I guess, you can call it world development). You have a nice dash of comedy to very serious events, and it makes for great episodes. The characters are not flat, but as you progress you delve deeper into them. Each episode you discover a little more about each character in play, while learning more about the surrounding world the rules that govern them. So far there have not been any unnecessary characters, relationships, or plot devices- which makes me so happy! There isn’t a love triangle, just because there is one. Everything, so far, has had a purpose in the series.

One True Trio

One True Trio

The main characters of the show are captivating, from the Delivery God (who is actually War God) Yato, the dead Yukine, and wrestling maniac Hiyori. I think what makes this show so enjoyable for me, is the trio’s chemistry- its very realistic. It isn’t like all of sudden they are all best friends forever, because they’re not quite there yet in their relationships. They banter back and forth, poke fun, hold secrets from each other, and slowly begin to trust one another.

The animation is clean, the voice acting fantastic, and I have a fangirl crush on Yato.

Show of the season, approval!




The Big Let Down of the Season:




When they announce all the upcoming shows for the season, everything just seems to freaking fantastic. You add them to your watch list, and then, sometimes, the disappointment just creeps in.

Unfortunately, Nobunagun is a huge show let down for me. The premise was interesting- I liked the idea of having some awesome genetic code that allowed you super crazy powers of awesomeness. It even deviated from the standard love interest; your main character definitely had some yuri tendancies (lesbian tendancies, for you non-anime folk) and tried to be something different than your standard heroine.

I watched it for five episodes, I really wanted to like it…But I couldn’t.

So what killed it for me? I think the show started becoming way too far-fetched. Really, the world is being invaded by aliens and every person in the population is cool handing over their safety to some unknown/underground organization? Also, to be quite frank, the animation was smooth…but totally gaudy and over exaggerated. I could never take Ghandi seriously when he showed up on the screen. Massive hands coming from your head? Couldn’t aliens think of better costume design?



Favorite Second Season:

Silver Spoon and Log Horizon.



When the first season of Silver Spoon ended, I was sad, but satisfied with the ending they provided for me. Grant it, when I heard it was being renewed for a second season, I was pretty thrilled. I mean, who would have known I would have enjoyed a show about kids going to agricultural school so damn much. Knowing that I liked the first season, I knew I would love the second- and guess what? I was right. Silver Spoon continues to deliver that amazing slice of life genre with each episode. I feel very attached to Hachiken, and it’s a joy to watch him grow into a better person with each episode.



log-horizonI really didn’t think Log Horizon would get a second season, so when it automatically rolled over into episode 17, I knew I found a show that would be around for the long haul. Log Horizon continues to give me amazing world development, and continues to surprise me with its spin on the trapped in a game- genre. Generally, players are always trying to find a way to get back to the real world- not managing or maintaining order in the temporary world, and its original inhabitants. I love how NPCs are actual people, and the politics that are involved with it. I love the additional depth of living and establishing a society in the game world, while remembering the overarching goal: to get back to reality with your memories intact. Log Horizon strikes this rich balance of learning about the game world, and how it would affect the player’s actual reality and vise versa. The real world and game world, are genuinely connected, and affects each other. I also love the new cast members that are being added! As always, three cheers for Shiroe, who’s always thinking 30 seconds ahead (maybe farther!)



Surprise Show of the Seaon:

Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha (Inari, KonKon for short)


You know, I tend to keep away from animes that just freaking SCREAM shoujo, and for the 2014 Winter season, Inari KonKon is that one show. I started watching it because I really like stories that revolve around shrines and deities, so I was little curious. If worse came to worse, and the story was horrid, at least the animation would be pleasing to look at.


Turns out this over played story about a girl who likes a boy, is something I tune into every week. The fact that there is a dash of a supernatural element also keeps the story from getting stale. Inari KonKon had me from the start, I found myself crying just a bit in the first episode…The fact that I was able to relate to the character really sucked me in. I mean, yes, Im a good 13 years older than Inari, but I once was a middle school girl who had a massive crush on a boy too- so I could entirely identify to how she was feeling. Its really enjoyable to watch her relationship unfold with the boy she likes, and its great to watch the divine deities try to understand human nature. Not to mention, I get a really strong Card Captor Sakura vibe from Inari KonKon, which I adore!

I also, fully admit, want to see a love story play out between Uka and Toka!

*Squee* Make adorable half deity, half human, babies together!!

*Squee* Make adorable half deity, half human, babies together!!




Not Sure How to Feel About This Show:

Space Dandy11721905526_79f675ec45_o

I know, I know…its SHOCKING. I can hear all the gasps now. If anything, Space Dandy is the one show this season that was an instant hit! But Im still on the fence about it, sorry! I tuned in because, like every other anime viewer, this guy that brought you Cowboy Beepob is responsible for Space Dandy. Seriously, what could go wrong?

Not a whole lot,  I suppose…but Im not a whole lot impressed either.

Space Dandy does tackle some great hard hitting themes/current events, and adds a lot more comedy to its story telling so people can be entertained while subliminally learning about the important happenings in the world- and for that I applaud the series. But, some of the over top ridiculousness just throws me off. Im sure as the show progresses, and we start getting into the meat of the serious plot, the show will go from being light hearted to “oooh man, it’s about to GO DOWN,” pretty quickly and I look forward to that.



Scarlette’s Waiting for it to Ramp Up Show: 

Hamatora ep_523933_0

Interesting concept for a show, and right now we’re in the phase of just getting to know all the characters, so the plot is slow…but it’s starting to come around. Definitely waiting for this one to ramp up, because I think once all the pieces are in place, we’ll get some great story and action to watch.



When I Get the Chance to Watch It Show:

Pupa. pupa 03

Flesh eating, adorable little sister plus a super-fast regenerative protective big brother? I’m sensing warped sense of loyalties, and some horror. I’m down, I just need to the time to add another anime to my watch list!