XBOX ONE Anniversary.


Geek Nation it has be a year since Microsoft released its next-gen game console the XBOX ONE. Since its release the system has seen more ups and downs than a day time soap opera; but the ups out weigh the downs. For example one of the biggest wins the system has had over the past year is it has released more exclusive games than its competitor the PS4. With games like Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza and the newly released Master Chief Collection, to name a few. Halo-5-Guardians-108998

One of the great things for XBOX ONE owners is that this is just the beginning of exclusives for the system. At E3 this year not only did they make thier key note about us: the gamers and the games we are going to play.  They announced a serious exclusives line up for 2015 which includes Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Fable Legends, Scalebound and Tomb Raider.

Along with the ever growing amount of A title games, Microsoft has kept it two promises. One: to listen to the gamers, and two: updates to the system every month-that us, the gamers- have asked for; such as like Blu-Ray 3D playback, personal backgrounds, Windows Media Player which allows you to play your media files on your XBOX ONE and the option for external storage.

Sunset-Overdrive-11Now lets talk about some of the black eyes Microsoft has created themselves. First is the debacle that was the 2013 E3 Key Note; they single handily pissed off everyone, including the gamers, by having major issues with XBOX LIVE going down during some of the biggest game launches this year. Other issues the system has is that the Sony’s PS4 has out sold the system to this date by a score of 10 Million systems sold to Microsoft 7.5 Million systems sold. Though Microsoft is quickly catching up to the PS4 in sales, now that the system has dropped from a $499.99 price tag to $399.99 and now to $349.99. This holiday season you will see some killer deals this Black Friday, like at Wal-Mart they will have a XBOX ONE bundle for $329.99.

As you can see the system has had a year full of ups and downs. Though the future looks bright and positive for the XBOX ONE in the coming years.

If there was one thing I can say I have taken away from the first year of the XBOX ONE is that this still is a very ambitious system and Microsoft has a great future ahead of them with the number of exclusives and great titles they have planed. It’s a great time to be a gamer.

Here are my Top 5 Games coming next year.10968069-1402341027-247345

1. Halo 5 Guardians November 2015
2. Scalebound TBA 2015
3. Batman Arkham Knight 06/02/2015
4. Evolve 02/10/2015
5. The Witcher 3 02/24/2015


Article By: Shane Holly
You can follow Shane on Twitter @obiwon229