Xbox One: Favor to the Streamers!


Release date to the latest of next gen gaming consoles is dawning upon us, and naturally Sony and Microsoft haven’t revealed everything there is to their systems (or rather, they’re finally getting some “would be awesome to have” features to work) and rev up the rabid fans with new tidbits of information.We already knew that Microsoft had struck up some kind of relationship (that most likely included lots of wining, dinning, and huge amounts of money) with Twith TV; and because of this relationship console streamers could ditch all the extra equipment and live stream directly on a Xbox One.

Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of either the Xbox One or the Playstation 4 (PC all the way!), but this feature is kinda awesome, and I certainly cant blame gamers who wet t their pants in excitement. But the daunting question of:

20130609-E3-XBOX-PRESSER-0444_editto what extent would the Xbox One allow gamers to capture/record their gameplay. Fancy, legal jargon set aside- would the Xbox One side with developers about how much, and what kind of quality, that streamers would be allowed to put out there? However, it seems great favor is being given to streamers. Xbox One confirmed today that players will be able to capture footage over HDMI without having to worry about HDCP, (High Bandwith Copywright Protection, for you non-techy people. Don’t worry, I had to look it up haha) and would be support multiple game-play capture kits. Thus, gamers will be able to record game-play footage for Machinima videos, YouTube channels, commentaries, walkthroughts, etc.

And all of a sudden the Xbox One looks like the next gen console of choice for many streamers; leaving certain competitors behind…You certainly can’t blame Xbox One creators wanting to favor streamers, commentators, and Youtube channels alike; they have created a win-win situation for themselves and for consumers.Win for Xbox One because they’re appealing to a market of people  who have mass followers; but now the Xbox One looks like it’s going to be a console of choice amongst a thriving community.  Win for streamers and players alike because now you can captures footage over HDMI and give your viewers better quality- or just record your shenanigans on Call of Duty.

xbox-one-vs-ps4-sony-microsoft-winnerNow the question is: How will Sony respond? And how badly do they want this niche within the gaming market? In this day and age, its safe to assume that  live streams and YouTube channels  rival regularly programmed television shows- does the Playstation 4 really want to loose this potential audience (more properly dubbed, potential cash cows) to Xbox One? And if they do not move forward with game capture on HDMI, how badly will this hurt their console sales?

It’ll be an interest story to watch unfold.  Personally though, I tilt my hat to Xbox One- they understand that the gaming community is changing. Nobody wants to play a game by themselves anymore, more so everybody wants a slice of celebrity pie and get as many views as they can for that wicked headshot.