Xbox One: First Impressions


OK now we all know that Friday was one of the biggest days in gaming this year. The release of the Xbox One was everything that you could imagine. There were some happy gamers and there were some that were frustrated. I for one was an extremely excited and happy gamer when I got my system. I didn’t run into any of the issues that I think was less than 1% of consumers faced with the launch of the system. Like Disc Drive issues and long update times. Xbox One Wallpaper


So lets talk about the system and my first impression of the system. Let start with what everyone was afraid of the initial mandatory Day One update. It was easy and painless the whole update took about 4 minutes. To where the mandatory game downloads now that is another story. Now if your a gamer that wants to put your game into the system and start playing right away well that just didn’t happen. For each of the 4 games I played each one needed this mandatory download. But would I say it ruined my experience nope not at all the download did take about a 15 mins to a half hour to download pending on the size of the game but after about a 10% download my games were ready for all of there glory.


The first game I played was Ryse: Son of Rome, Now this game is no where near the 6 ratings that I have seen. Now the game is repetitive but so is God of War. The graphics are fantastic the voice acting is top notch and the games musical score is well done and draws you into the game experience even more. The controls are very generic but work well with the style of game play which is simply enough a Hack and Slash.  The other 3 games I wallpaper_ryse_son_of_rome_02played Assassins Creed and Battlefield both awesome games but you can totally tell they are ports of there 360 counter parts.  The one game that really shows the potential of the system is Forza this game is simply beautiful. The controls are tight and smooth and you really don’t have to know cars to play this game and have a great time with it. I’ll get into the reviews for these games another time.


Now back to the system itself. The best way to explain this system is the Xbox One is a very ambitious  system with a ton of potential.p When you finally get to see the main screen you only have three tabs. The first one is the Apps and games you have Pined, The second is your Home page and the third is what use to be the Marketplace is now know as the Store. There aren’t to many apps just yet but Microsoft is planning on a lot more. Right now the only Apps available are Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, CW, ESPN, FOX NOW, FXNOW, Hulu Plus, Internet Explorer for Xbox One, Machinima, MUZU.TV, Netflix, Redbox Instant by Verizon, Skype for Xbox One, YouTube and a few others most are video apps.


The one app that I like a lot so far is the app for Netflix, I wasn’t a big fan of the layout Netflix had on the 360 but with the Xbox One they went through and revamped the whole layout and made it more user friendly.


originalNow lets talk a little about the Kinect. The camera is an amazing addition for the system it picks up your movement effortlessly, Like your fingers and body movements, This is due to the 3 different settings the camera has. Like the standard HD camera view, The Night Vision view and The Heat Vision camera the picks up on any heat signature. It works amazing with games I have been able to see the camera in full force with the Demo to Kinect Sports Rivals. The camera picks up all your body movement including your fingers.  I can’t wait to see what new games and apps they come out with that will utilize the full potential of the camera.


The one thing that is top notch with the system is the always amazing Xbox Controller. They have made the controller more ergonomic to fit the hands better and more comfortable. My favorite feature with the controller is the force feedback in the trigger buttons. Its awesome to feel the resistance in the trigger, like when your pulling the trigger on a weapon in Battlefield.  I loved the layout and set up of the 360 controller and I was wondering how they would build on what they already perfected but they did it with the new design and force feedback.


Now the only thing that I haven’t liked about the system is the Blu-Ray play back most of the movies that I have checked out on the system have had a grainy video playback.  This was a little disappointing and I was really hoping that the play back would have been a lot better but I’m still messing with the playback settings to see if there is anything I can do to make the playback better. Once I find out I will share it with you all. 2495537-xboxone_reserve_boxshot_leftangle_rgb


Now this is just my first impression with the system and I’m still finding out the potential this system has and what it can do in this early stage. If I would put a rating on the Xbox One I would give it an 8.4 out of 10 but I don’t feel I can give it a full rating just for the simple fact that the system is still in the early stages of it’s release and still has a lot to be released, I see so much ambition and potential it is exciting to see what Microsoft has for us in the future of this system.


So geeks what are your highlights of the system and what things did you feel that fell short?


Let us know in the comments section below.