Xbox One Release Date


Well, well, well- looks who finally deiced to have an official release date. Microsoft has finally announced a release date for the their next generation console, Xbox One. The new consol will hit stores November 22nd for the following countries:

United States, Canada,United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico,Itlay, Ireland, Germany, France, Brazil, and Australia.

Microsoft reports that the Xbox One  production is in full swing adn even tweeted pictures of boxes filled with their console ready for shipment. Also, to top it all off, Microsoft announced that because production is moving smoothly (finally, after all the production problems they were having) the Xbox One now has more sku/stock available to pre-order. If you were unable to pre-order the Xbox One that was because all available stock had already been put on pre-order for gamers who knew they would be purchasing the next generation console from the get-go. As stated, the Xbox One now has extra stock to pre-order- if you haven’t pre-order your console, you might want to get that done ASAP. Catch is, you can only pre-order it from certain retailers.

Retailers who are now/still accepting pre-order for the Xbox One are Best Buy, GAME (UK) and the Microsoft Stores.

Well duh, why couldn’t you pre-order a Microsoft product at a Microsoft store. Just remember, they look exactly like an Apple store, so you’ll most likely walk into it by accident. I would assume select locations for Best Buy and GAME will allow pre-orders, and all Microsoft Stores will have availability to pre-order…because, well, there’s only a handful of Microsoft Stores so pre-order numbers won’t be over whelming from there.

Honestly if you DO want to pre-order the Xbox One, I would recommend taking yourself to the Microsoft Store. I say this, from experience, that their stores generally have better launch deals. Naturally, because this is a Microsoft product, I’m willing to bet they have some neat Xbox One deal/bundle being promoted, and the bonuses for pre-orders at the Microsoft stores are actually pretty good. Microsoft has given away currency for the marketplace, or actually give you MONEY, or a discount on the purchase- they have before on pre-orders for games; but I can not confirm this for the Xbox One. Your best bet, if you live near a Microsoft Store, is to go pre-order at their location and ask what promotions are being ran.

Below is a the games line up for the Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed IV:

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Crimson Dragon

Dead Rising 3


Fighter Within

Forza Motorsport 5

Just Dance

Killer Instinct

Double Helix

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


Madden NFL 25

NBA 2K14

NBA Live 14

Need for Speed: Rivals

Peggle 2

Powerstar Golf

Ryse: Son of Rome


Skylanders: Swap Force

Watch Dogs

Zoo Tycoon

Zumba Fitness: World Party


What say you geeks? Will you be pre-ordering the Xbox One?