XBOX ONE Revisited


Geeknation, it has been 6 months now since Microsoft released its entry to the Next Gen with the XBOX ONE. When we had our first impressions, I said that the system had a ton of ambition and potential.

Now do I still feel that way? Well to answer that question I do. Since its launch, Microsoft has been listening to fans and trying to fix whatever issues there are. Microsoft has gone as far as releasing a statement thanking XBOX fans for their feedback and support. Since the system’s launch we have had two semi-major update’s which fixed issues with the friends list, Blu-Ray playback and Kinect, just to name a couple. The issues they still haven’t fixed yet are 3D Games and Blu-Ray playback, Kinect voice learning and most importantly 1080p gaming playback. Now I understand that the 1080p gaming is a developers issue but come on people we’ve had HD and 1080p for many years now, and you’re telling me that we still don’t know how to develop in 1080p? Obviously this isn’t just an XBOX issue, but none of the Next Gen systems have 1080p gaming as of yet.

xbox-one-living-room-tvNow let’s talk about the games a little. In six months we haven’t seen a large amount of games. Hell, a new release has been pretty much extinct. There has to be maybe a handful of A Titles like Theif, Forza, Dead Rising, Metal Gear and Titanfall. Three of the five are top class games where the others are decent titles, however I feel one of them is a $30.00 demo rip-off. But for the most part all of the games that they have released have been pretty solid titles for everyone. Like Lego Marvel Superheros, Ryse, Fifa and of course Titanfall.

There’s a strong list of titles slated for release later this year. Destiny is at the top of that list but here are a few other big titles to look forward to: Batman Arkham Knight, Alien Isolation, Dragon Age Inquisition, Evolve and the rumored Halo 2 Anniversary Edition.

One of the highlights of the games that have been released is the free download of the Project Spark Beta. This is a game that turns you into a developer and allows you to make your own game and how you want it. It does have some flaws but I can tell you from experience that you can lose yourself for 4-6 hours developing and playing your own game as well as playing other creators’ games. If you haven’t downloaded it yet I highly recommend that you do. Some of the highlights of the system are as follows: The system has lived up to being the heart and soul of your entertainment center with it being the all in-one stop for entertainment. The Update for Video playback allows Blu-Rays to playback with its true 50 hrz playback and it does look fantastic. With an ever growing list of apps you will never have any dull moments of entertainment. There’s also the well needed update to your friends list and party. Plus there’s Titanfal, which is one of the best and most welcome release and change to first person shooters we have seen in years.

image_302533_fullNow the major question is the XBOX ONE still worth its price point? The answer to that question is YES it is. Although the system still has some improvements to work on, it remains the most ambitious system out there and the future is looking bright. With Microsoft listening to us gamers and fixing all issues that arise, the potential for the system is never ending. Plus, with all of the great new games and exclusives that will be hitting over the next year the system will continue to grow with new fans and established ones.

If you are looking to get your hands on an XBOX ONE do yourself a favor and pick up the Titanfall XBOX ONE edition which includes a FREE copy of the game and retails for $499.99.

Until next time gamers – keep playing.

If you have any stories or comments about your experience with the XBOX ONE let us know in the comments section below.