The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites – Watch Movies Online

Looking for the best free online movie streaming sites? Here’s where you can watch free and legal movies anytime you like.

There are tons of free and legitimate videos online, so you can find a real mix of content from the services below. Healthy amounts of free movies are in the public domain. Such videos have been stored on many websites as these films have gone beyond ownership and have fallen into common ownership.

But it is not the only movie B that can be released online. You can also find many great budget ads. In general, these support advertising. Just like watching a movie on TV, you have to sit in limited advertisements. However, movies are usually not interrupted.

You should not expect to see the latest ads. Instead, you will see movies that range from months to years. In addition, some websites include original works and extracurricular films.


Like Cineb, 123movies is a new player in the scene, but it’s gaining a lot of popularity thanks to its personalization. Users will appreciate just how easy it is to sort media based on genre, country, launch date, with several categories to choose from including anime, fantasy, mythological, sci-fi, and a lot more.

But this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. The strong personalization and categorization of free movies and TV shows can mean that 123movies interface seems a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Not to mention, ads on the platform can get annoying, but it’s still a decent website for anyone interested in free streaming.

They also don’t own the distribution rights to movies and TV series on their website.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name implies, the Classic Movie Network is based on old content. Even his website aesthetics used the red theater backdrop to reverse the decision. You can experience the decades here with films from the 1930s to the 1960s. There are even some silent movies if you are interested in these.

Some plugins may make you doubt the definition of a “classic movie”. However, the Classic Movie Network is pure gold for old-school movies.


Like Crackle, Popcornflix presents full movies with limited ads. Here, you’ll find a range of movies in a rotating selection, with no account required to start watching. The service even offers some original content, to boot.

Flicks are segmented into categories such as popularity, genre, new arrivals, and staff picks, making Popcornflix easy to use. With a beefy lineup and excellent navigation, Popcornflix is an awesome choice for free, legal movie streaming.


Crackle is a video network that features movies, shows and original content. You can watch free movies at or stream them with the Crackle app on connected TVs, mobile devices, and video game consoles. You do have to sit through some commercials, which is how they provide free programming. You can browse by genre and title, or search for a specific film to find something you might enjoy.


Sure, it’s the premier place to watch original content on everything from makeup tutorials to gaming to cooking, but you might be sleeping on a terrific source for free movies. YouTube has a large collection of movies you can buy or rent, but it also offers free films, thanks to ads. You might not find any new releases, but you might find a forgotten favorite or something you just never got around to seeing.


Unlike many other free online movie streaming sites, Yidio, short for Your Internet Video, is a video aggregator. It can search more than 200 sources for movies, which is especially useful if you have multiple streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Even if you don’t subscribe to any premium services, you can find films by searching or browsing. Yidio will also recommend titles based on other films and shows you enjoy.

123movies-Details About this Amazing Free Movie Streaming Platform

123Movies is an online free movie and series streaming service where anybody can watch movies, TV episodes, and series online without creating an account or dealing with advertisements. Movies, series, and shows of almost all genres are available on our 123Movies so it doesn’t matter what type of content you like to watch, you can always visit our 123Movies websites to watch it online. Every day, the database of our website gets updated with new content so you will find the latest released movies online streaming link here. Also, if you want you can download movies, shows, and series from our website.

With quick and various video sources, the data is vast and updated daily. Simply open 123Movies home page, click on the movie or TV show you want to watch, and start streaming it right away for free. There are many websites with similar names and domains available out there but we will recommend you to use only our 123Movies website because it is safe and won’t ask you for any personal details. We have made the entire navigation clean and simple so anyone from anywhere around the world can use our 123Movie website without any assistance.

Features of 123Movies Website

High-Quality Streaming Services

Although Movies 123 offers a variety of films and episodes to stream, you can be certain that the quality of the video is never compromised. Because you may view such excellent films and the most recent releases for free, quality becomes an essential issue to consider! You won’t have to worry since you’ll be able to view them with ease using our 123movies website. It doesn’t matter if you are using a computer device or a mobile phone, the quality remains the same on all devices. You can also change the video quality as per your liking to save your internet data while streaming.

No Registration/Sign-up Required

When we want to enjoy movies and TV series on a streaming website, one of several key things that seem to be a headache for nearly all of us is the lengthy account registration process. This step appears to be a must for a lot of streaming websites like 123Movies out there, and there appears to be no way around it. However, you do not need to create an account while using our Movies123 website. There is no need to sign up for a membership with Movies 123 as we offer to stream for free. When we claim 123Movies allows you to watch and download content for free, we mean just that.

Easy To Use Interface 

The interface of our 123Movies website is clean and simple so you won’t have any issues in finding the content and streaming it. The website is responsive in design so it will look and work the same on PC and mobile devices. Remember that some features might break on devices with small screens but we are working on it. We guarantee that there is no other 123movies website like us that provides so much cleaner interface and access to content like us. Even if you are using our website for the first time, you won’t need any assistance in finding the content to watch.

Huge Collection of Movies/Shows 

Our 123Movies website has got more than 50000 movies, TV shows, and series for online streaming and downloading. Remember that we do not host any content on our servers and all are taken from third-party and different streaming website servers. That is why you will find multiple streaming server links on a single page. If a server is not responding, you can always use the other ones to watch your content. Every day, we update our database with new movies, TV shows, and series so consider bookmarking our website and visit it often to watch the latest released movies, shows, and series for free without downloading.

100% Safe Streaming 

It doesn’t matter if you have used the official 123Movies website or not, you can always use our website for streaming content. There are tons of 123Movies websites available out there but do not trust any website you come across. There are some websites created to steal users’ personal and banking information. Do not submit or register randomly on any website for free movies and series streaming. Our 123Movies website is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about anything while using our website. If you are facing any issues in using our website, you can also contact us for help.

How To Setup WP Rocket With This Best Combination

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin and is one of the best wordpress plugins worth buying. Although there are free cache plugins like W3 Total Cache , users prefer to find something that is easy and convenient to use like WP Rocket. Then how to Setting the Most Effective and Best WP Rocket at this time ?, read carefully this guide article.

How to Download and Install WP Rocket

  • The first thing is that you first buy the Installation Package from WP Rocket .
  • Download the zip file to do the installation.
  • After you have the zip file, continue by opening the wordpress dashboard> plugins> add new> upload plugin.

Once activated, simply open the settings panel. You will receive an automatic email informing you that a new website has been added to your account.

How to Set the Best WP Rocket

Dashboard display

On the dashboard, you can find basic account details such as license type and expiration date. WP Rocket provides a 50% discount if you want to renew your account. It also gives you the option to be part of the beta testing program.

If you want to become a Beta Tester , please activate the toggle to follow it. If you want to share anonymous data with the development team, you can enable Rocket Analytics .

The Quick Action menu displays 4 important things that you are sure to do often:

  1. Remove all cached files – WP Rocket will notify you to clear your cache whenever it detects changes made to the site. Even though WP Rocket will automatically clear the cache, it is still recommended to clear the cache after you are done making changes.
  2. Start cache preloading – The search engine will simulate a visit to your site and generate a cache for your homepage and all the links found on your site. Make sure your visitors always quickly access the cached version of the page.
  3. Regenerate Critical CSS – Always regenerate critical css when you make changes to CSS.
  4. Purge OPCache content – This is very useful for detecting any errors after updating a plugin.


All the main features of a caching plugin are to cache files for a very fast site loading. As we know, in March 2018, Google launched Mobile First Indexing Broadly . In the sense that the faster the site loads the content, then your site has a golden opportunity to be ranked in search engines.

Mobile Cache

WP Rocket’s mobile cache means the caching process is performed on the mobile device, more descriptively on the SmartPhone, not on the Tab. However, if you don’t enable this feature, then WP Rocket will not cache files on mobile devices. So the impact of your site will be slow when accessed on a mobile device.

User Cache

Enable user cache if you have a membership site where users must first log in to view content. This is especially useful if you have user-specific content on your site. However, if your site is not in that category, then don’t check it.

Lifespan cache

What is lifespan cache? this is the grace period for the cache to be cleaned periodically. In this case, we prefer to follow WP Rocket’s default settings.

File Optimization

File optimization can be more difficult than it sounds. This is one of the biggest culprits in site malfunction . So, always test when activating the option. If it causes problems, just disable the option that was activated earlier.

Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Why do you have to minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript files? You can read the answer from the short explanation below.

Minification is a process that removes unnecessary spaces, lines, and characters from files. So, the existing files will be reduced in size. So that the file will load faster.

Wait a minute . Please pay attention to the explanation regarding the combination problem in this CSS and Javascript file.

Do you know, combining CSS or Javascript files can be fast or slow? Basically this depends on the server you are using.

If your server supports the HTTP / 2 protocol (like, then you can disable it. Because HTTP / 2 allows your site to load requests together with small files. In this sense it is better than HTTP / 1.

To find out whether your server supports HTTP / 2 or not. Please open HTTP / 2 Testing Tools .

WP Rocket is equipped with the LazyLoad option . If you want to use it go ahead.

What is LazyLoad? LazyLoad is the load of an object as it is passed by the user’s viewport. That will reduce page load times, and of course your site will load faster.

By Disable Emoji on WordPress, of course, it can increase the load speed of your Wordress blog. Since using emojis can slow down a site, it is not recommended for use on a web platform.

If someone embeds something like an image or any web page from your website, it increases the HTTP request to your site. Which is not great for your website speed.

So just check the Disable WordPress Embed option . Then this will protect your site from embedding and remove all Javascript requests from the WordPress embedding.

Enable sitemap-based cache preloading . This will tell WP Rocket to load all URLs on your sitemap when the cache expires or is cleared.

If you installed the Yoast plugin, enable the Yoast SEO XML Sitemap . Then WP Rocket will automatically detect the sitemap generated by Yoast SEO.

Prefetch DNS Requests

If you use third party content and services such as Youtube videos, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, etc. Then you just need to add the URL to fetch the DNS request first. By doing so, your site will experience a slight increase in speed.

Here is a list of commonly used DNS URLs:


Advanced Rules

This is necessary if you run an e-commerce site or have very specific requirements, you don’t need to make any changes to this.


Database involves different parts to clean including Post-cleanup, Comments Cleanup, Transient Cleanup, Database Cleanup and Auto Clean.

You can activate all the options here, especially posting and cleaning comments.

Every time you make a post, WordPress will save all changes or revisions that you make in the database and it also saves drafts automatically. As your blog grows, so do your revisions. Then the database will be full of unnecessary data and can slow down its performance.


If you are using a content delivery network (CDN), you will need to enable this option. WP Rocket will rewrite all static file URLs with the CNAMEs CDN you provided.

WP Rocket already supports several CDN platforms such as MaxCDN, KeyCDN, Amazon CloudFront, and others.


This is where you can export your current settings and use them on other websites. Or import existing settings to your current site.

This is especially useful if you buy the Plus plan from WP Rocket which supports up to 3 websites – you don’t have to manually configure each website.

Rollback gives you the option to reinstall the previous version of WP Rocket. Very useful when a newer version is broken or doesn’t work properly.

By setting up WP Rocket, we’ve got a page speed score above 90 from tools like Google Page Insight, GTMetrix, and Pingdom.

If you have questions about How to Setup WP Rocket , you can ask them in the comments column that we provide.

The Smart Way To Set W3 Total Cache In WordPress

If you want to speed up the loading of your wordpress blog, then you need a caching plugin. Lots of the best cache plugins for wordpress out there. But if you talk about free, then W3 Total Cache is the answer. Then how do you set up W3 Total Cache ? Listen carefully to this article.

Before we start the guide, you better check your blog’s speed first on Pingdom Tools or Google Page Insight . This means that you know the speed comparison before and after doing this tutorial.

What is W3 Total Cache?


W3 Total Cache is a plugin for WordPress performance optimization, arguably the best and most comprehensive. W3 Total Cache can improve the user experience of your site by increasing the performance of your server. And also this plugin provides a transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration.

How to set up and configure W3 Total Cache

Before you start installing W3 Total Cache, you have to delete all other caching plugins (eg WP Super Cache or WP Rocket). If you don’t do this, the plugin will have problems activating.

Warning : Always activate Preview Mode to test your configuration before it is actually applied to your wordpress blog.

General Settings

In the left navigation menu, tap on the menu Performance> General Settings to start the plugin configuration. In this menu you can activate all features and manage the W3 Total Cache plugin. Here is an image of the settings we applied.

Here’s a little explanation and settings used in the image above:

Page Cache – Tap on the Enable page cache box and select Disk: Enhanced . That way your website response time will decrease

Minify – Enable this feature if you don’t use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and also select disk in the Minify Cache Method . If you use a CDN service like Cloudflare or others, then just turn off this feature.

Database Cache – This caching option works for databases running to CPU / RAM and is not recommended if you are using a shared server. Please activate this option and select disk in the Database Cache Method .

Object Cache – This option will store the results of complex Database Queries to reduce server load. Here we prefer not to activate this option.

Browser Cache – This option can speed up your blog by enabling static resources that will be stored in the browser that your blog visitors use. This option is very necessary , therefore you must activate it.

CDN – If you want to activate this option, you should first consult with your CDN service provider about how to enter relevant information regarding the w3 total cache plugin settings. The process that will be run varies, it all depends on the CDN service used.

Reverse Proxy – This allows the actual server to perform other tasks. There are several reverse proxy softwares that handle this type of task. NginX, Varnish, and Squid can assist in large scale operations. But the setup and configuration should be left to system admins and developers only.

Monitoring – New Relic PHP will track Daemon performance at a deeper level. This feature allows you to monitor and diagnose unexpected problems with your server. However, it’s better if New Relic’s settings and configuration are left to the admin and developer of your server system only.

Fragment Cache – A sophisticated and modern website has several sections and elements that are specifically designed to interact differently with each client. This component is very simple like the social media icon at the bottom of the page or the shopping cart on your blog site.

Licensing – If you purchased the W3 Total Cache product, then you can enter the license code in this section.

Miscellaneous – This section includes various options that are not covered elsewhere on the dashboard. The initial option can activate the Google PageSpeed ​​widget on the dashboard. The widget requires an API Key to function. The other default settings you can keep but, you can try enabling each of them in test mode to compare the loading speed with your baseline speed.

Debug – If you are having trouble with one of the W3TC options, you can enable this setting and W3TC will post debug info to your blog’s HTML source code. This output can then be used to assist in solving existing problems.

Import / Export Settings – If you wish to save and / or copy the W3TC settings that have been set, click the “Download” button. Then you can upload the file that was downloaded to another server by using the Import option so that the settings on both servers are the same. You can also use this option as a backup for your W3 Total Cache settings.

Page Cache

Next we will set the Page Cache section . You can activate this feature to reduce your WordPress response time . And here is a picture of the settings we use.

Browser Cache

In this section you better follow what is in the image below.

How to Check Website / Blog Speed

After you have done all the configurations listed above, the next step is to check the results of the W3 Total Cache plugin settings. Here we will provide a list of online tools to check blog speed . Here is the list:

  1. Google Page Insights
  2. Pingdom Tools
  3. GTMetrix
  4. WebPageTest
  5. DynaTrace

After doing all the steps in setting up the w3 total cache plugin, we hope your blog site doesn’t experience any more sluggishness. And if you feel that it’s still less powerful, you can follow the WP Rocket Plugin Setting Method so that your wordpress blog is faster. It’s just that the WP Rocket Plugin is not available for free, you have to buy it first to be able to use it.

If you have suggestions or comments regarding the guidelines for setting up the w3 total cache plugin, you can write them in the comments column.