Looking for the best free online movie streaming sites? Here’s where you can watch free and legal movies anytime you like.

There are tons of free and legitimate videos online, so you can find a real mix of content from the services below. Healthy amounts of free movies are in the public domain. Such videos have been stored on many websites as these films have gone beyond ownership and have fallen into common ownership.

But it is not the only movie B that can be released online. You can also find many great budget ads. In general, these support advertising. Just like watching a movie on TV, you have to sit in limited advertisements. However, movies are usually not interrupted.

You should not expect to see the latest ads. Instead, you will see movies that range from months to years. In addition, some websites include original works and extracurricular films.


Like Cineb, 123movies is a new player in the scene, but it’s gaining a lot of popularity thanks to its personalization. Users will appreciate just how easy it is to sort media based on genre, country, launch date, with several categories to choose from including anime, fantasy, mythological, sci-fi, and a lot more.

But this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. The strong personalization and categorization of free movies and TV shows can mean that 123movies interface seems a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Not to mention, ads on the platform can get annoying, but it’s still a decent website for anyone interested in free streaming.

They also don’t own the distribution rights to movies and TV series on their website.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name implies, the Classic Movie Network is based on old content. Even his website aesthetics used the red theater backdrop to reverse the decision. You can experience the decades here with films from the 1930s to the 1960s. There are even some silent movies if you are interested in these.

Some plugins may make you doubt the definition of a “classic movie”. However, the Classic Movie Network is pure gold for old-school movies.


Like Crackle, Popcornflix presents full movies with limited ads. Here, you’ll find a range of movies in a rotating selection, with no account required to start watching. The service even offers some original content, to boot.

Flicks are segmented into categories such as popularity, genre, new arrivals, and staff picks, making Popcornflix easy to use. With a beefy lineup and excellent navigation, Popcornflix is an awesome choice for free, legal movie streaming.


Crackle is a video network that features movies, shows and original content. You can watch free movies at Crackle.com or stream them with the Crackle app on connected TVs, mobile devices, and video game consoles. You do have to sit through some commercials, which is how they provide free programming. You can browse by genre and title, or search for a specific film to find something you might enjoy.


Sure, it’s the premier place to watch original content on everything from makeup tutorials to gaming to cooking, but you might be sleeping on a terrific source for free movies. YouTube has a large collection of movies you can buy or rent, but it also offers free films, thanks to ads. You might not find any new releases, but you might find a forgotten favorite or something you just never got around to seeing.


Unlike many other free online movie streaming sites, Yidio, short for Your Internet Video, is a video aggregator. It can search more than 200 sources for movies, which is especially useful if you have multiple streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Even if you don’t subscribe to any premium services, you can find films by searching or browsing. Yidio will also recommend titles based on other films and shows you enjoy.

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